Author: Michaela Haze

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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None of us expected to live more than a few days when our friends and family became the walking undead, consumed by the Mortem Mori virus.The zombie apocalypse came and went, and humans formed a new world in the chaos.The Bend is a law unto itself. A town on the edge of Haven City, and ruled by greed and fear.I might be a mercenary, but I'll do anything to protect my people. Our ragtag community looks out for each other. We kill for each other.When a set of important blueprints goes missing, my boss wants the mess fixed pronto.The offer is too good to be true.Find the plans, and he'll buy my freedom.But there's a catch.I have to work as part of a team. Four men chosen for their skills. Each one more dangerous than the last and I've had enough of dangerous men to last me a lifetime.I'll do anything to protect the Bend. But what about protecting my heart?

**Life and Limb is a standalone zombie reverse harem dystopia romance, contains scenes of violence, multi-partner sex, and same-sex relations**