Author: Cheryl Rees-Price

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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An exceptionally good mystery from Wales’ best up-and-coming talent!

A body is found in a dark and dingy tunnel at the bottom of Dinas Rock, the site of a disused mine. There is

no sign of struggle

...Detective Inspector Winter Meadows suspects the victim, youth worker David Harris, willingly reached the location where he met his end.

He must have known his killer.

But he must have known something else, too. Meadows discovers that Dinas Rock

has a history of tragedy

. Years ago a teenage girl met her end there, and Harris was present.As Meadows investigates the old case alongside the new, he

opens old wounds

. Ones that have festered for years. Can he find the killer before the inquiry forces them to strike again?LIES OF MINE is the fifth standalone title in a series of murder mysteries featuring DI Winter Meadows by best-selling author Cheryl Rees-Price. The full list of books, in order of publication, is as follows:1. THE SILENT QUARRY2. FROZEN MINDS3. SUFFER THE CHILDREN4. A KNOT OF SPARROWS5. LIES OF MINE6. RISE TO THE FLY7. WINTER'S CRYAll these books are FREE with Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback. The first five are also available as audiobooks.