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A new and powerful way to make progress on almost any issue in our lives.Are you ready to take yourself to the next level but feel a bit stuck or overwhelmed? You came to the right place. Level Up will help you regain your forward momentum by using a personal and powerful method to become the best possible version of you, both as a person and as a leader.Rather than being asked to conform to a one-size-fits-all program, you will learn how to leverage your unique strengths to create powerful competencies that will help you make real progress on the goals that will take you toward your vision.Confused with all the advice in self-help and leadership books? Many seem to go too deep with unusable insights or tell us to “be like me.” In Level Up, Michael Oster provides an effective new approach, one that will encourage you to be “more like you.”Level Up is a practical guide to use what you’ve got to get where you want to go.You will learn to use yourstrengths to improve thecompetencies that will help youreach your goalsin the direction of your visionFor those who want to produce the best results they are capable of, Level Up provides the concepts, perspectives, and tools to do so. Here the reader will discover how to form powerful competency-strength combinations they can use to successfully address almost any issue.Everything is right here—your Why, your What, and your How—WHY: Your VisionWHAT: Accomplishing Your Goals and ObjectivesHOW: Your Competency-Strength CombinationsIf you are a leader facing new challenges, a high achiever who wishes to take yourself to the next level, or a high potential who wants to hit the ground running, Level Up is for you. Here you will find many interesting concepts, perspectives, and useful ways to use the 17 Level Up Competencies as channels to carry your strengths toward the vision you have for yourself.With this new approach and the Level Up Personal Development Program, you can expect to begin producing improved results immediately.