Author: Ethan E. Harris

Category: General Nonfiction

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This is a first-hand account of one of the worst wagon train massacres in the Old West. After 45 days of starvation and terror, only sixteen of the original forty-five members survived. Left by the Indians is the story told by a 13-year old survivor.#1 in 45-Minute Biography & Memoir Short Reads#1 in 45-Minute History Short Reads#1 in Historical U.S. Biographies"This is another great, first person account of the trials and tribulations of crossing the American west in a wagon train. I love these kinds of books because they offer a true glimpse of what like was like in the mid 1800s. The book also goes describes the fears of the travelers as they got closer to "Indian Territory." And then it happened, and the author's descriptions are horrific. In this case the author, who was a 13-year old girl at the time, wasn't abducted by the Indians, although others were. But she did watch as many of her family were shot down. Then it was a matter of trying to escape the carnage on foot. It is a well written account about the events of 1860, first published in 1891. It is a very short book, easily readable in a few hours, but full of description." - Amazon reviewer