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Access the Most Useful Spanish Words and Phrases to Use in Your Everyday Life! Start Conversations and Reply in Spanish with the Right Pronunciation in Just 21 Days!

Learning a new language doesn’t have to be the dull, time-draining affair you think it is. With this Spanish learning book for beginners, there’s no need to give up precious hours of your day or feel like you’re back at school. Our expert-made lessons are designed to teach beginners like you useful Spanish to be able to practice in your everyday life – WITHOUT all the typical aches and pains of language-learning.

Inside this book, you’ll find:

400+ Most useful Spanish words to help you build an impressive foundational vocabulary.Must-know Spanish phrases so you can participate and express yourself flawlessly in basic conversations.A clear, no-fuss pronunciation guide to ensure Spanish words and phrases roll off your tongue like you’re a native.Essential tips for avoiding the most common grammar mistakes. How can you stay way ahead of other language newbies?How to express your likes, dislikes, wants, needs, and everything you need to navigate everyday life in Spanish.+300 short and useful phrases to help you supercharge your Spanish writing skills and advance sooner than your language peers.A bunch of easy-to-understand Short Stories for beginners to enrich your vocabulary on useful topics you will definitely get to use on the daily.… and so much more!

As 3 FIRST BONUSES coming with the book you will have access to PRACTICE WORKSHEETS that will help you to learn more about the language, as well as printable SPANISH FLASHCARDS to enrich your vocabulary! And the last but not the least: AUDIO RECORDINGS to improve your pronunciation and start to get familiar with the accent.

And as a COMPLEMENTARY BONUS, you will receive TWO EBOOKS: “Expert Travel Insider” and “Travel Mistakes to Avoid”. Our top travel tips, hacks and money-saving strategies that will transform you into a savvy traveler.

Even if you believe you’re ‘bad at languages,’ this book will show you that you’re far better than you ever thought possible. With our carefully crafted exercises, you might even discover that you’ve been a natural all along.

So don’t wait. Scroll up, click ‘Buy Now’ and get your copy right now!