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1500 Days Recipes + 5 & 1 Meal Plan + 4 & 2 & 1 Meal Plan

The need for a convenient meal replacement diet has seen a massive surge in recent times for its effective weight loss approach. One such famous and effective meal replacement diet is known as the Lean & Green Diet. The Lean & Green Diet is primarily based on having lean & green meals with consuming small portions throughout the day along with special fuelings. The Lean & Green diet includes specialfood categories that include pre-packaged foods, bar, and shakes, etc. which are also known as “fuelings”. The Lean & Green Diet primarily focuses on an effective weight loss approach by eating small portions of food throughout the day to meet your body requirements.

There are two prominent plans in the Lean & Green Diet, i.e., the 5 & 1 plan and the 4 & 2 & 1 plan. The prior is considered optimal for those people who want to achieve a very drastic and rapid weight loss by only consuming 800 calories per day. Whereas the latter is for those people who want to have a relatively slower weight loss or if they want to maintain their current weight. The Lean & Green Diet utmost convenience, clarity in food choices, and rapid weight loss to its followers.

Lean and Green Cookbook For Beginners 2023 includes the following:

? Brief introduction of Lean & Green Diet. What is Lean & Green diet? How does the Lean & Green plan work? Understanding the Food Choices. Benefits of the Lean & Green Diet

? 1500+ Days Fueling Hacks and Lean & Green Recipes. All easy-to-make and very affordable, starting with breakfast and ending with dinner, including dishes for vegans and vegan eaters, healthy drinks also included. and the Cookbook guides you with a combination of recipes and detailed information.

? 5 & 1 Meal Plan and 4 & 2 & 1 Meal Plan. A simple but thorough explanation about the components and differences between 4 & 2 & 1 Meal Plan and 5 & 1 Meal Plan. so, you can choose your preferred way to take on the Lean & Green diet.

? And More.

Dieting doesn’t have to be hard! This book will assure a smooth transition into your new habits of health thanks to well-balanced recipes to increase your energy levels more than ever before and achieve the perfect shape you always dreamed of.

So, what are you waiting for? All the information to get the results you have long been looking for is inside the book. Order your copy now and start a happier lifestyle!