Author: Vicki Tharp

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Cowboy, UndercoverBeat, battered, bruised. Oh…and shot. Yeah, his job was a killer.It’s not just the bullets that could kill him, the lies might, too.Recovering at Healing Horses therapy program, former Marine and undercover ATF Special Agent Gil Brant is ready to turn over a new leaf.And his badge and gun.But when a gun bust goes bad, catching his former handler in the crossfire, Gil can’t quit until he finds justice. Against his better judgment, he goes back undercover one last time.For task force helo pilot, Tessa Sterling, her clear skies turn cloudy when her ex-husband moves cross country demanding visitation with their young son. There’s a reason she’d been granted sole custody, but in small towns, money talks.When a moment of indiscretion with fellow task force member, Gil Brant, upends her world, she is forced back into a life she’s fought hard to escape.Danger brews and thousands of innocent lives are at stake.Can Tessa and Gil stop the threat? Or will the lies and layers of deceit bring them crashing down?Cowboy, UnbridledWhat do Taylor Foxx’s gas tank and her bank account have in common?They’re both sucking fumes.Taylor needs an assistant, like yesterday. Except she can’t pay an assistant without money. And without an assistant, she can’t be the veterinarian for the wild mustang program. Could Zealand be the answer to her predicament?Ex-Army medic, Zealand Cross, wants to be a paramedic…Only he can’t stand the sight of blood.Joining the Healing Horses therapy program is his last chance to gain control of his flashbacks and move on with his life. Until he gets kicked out of the program.Now they’re both in a bind and need to lean on each other. Despite them both being hell on relationships, their attraction is electric. But when they’re tossed into the battle between the wild mustangs and angry ranchers, someone is going to lose.It just may be them.With Taylor’s life on the line, can Zealand save her? Or will he fail another person that he loves? Cowgirl, UnbrokenMia Mann doesn’t need a white knight.And a year in jail might be preferable to a stent at a veteran treatment program. Especially when fellow veteran, Matt Bishop, refuses to let her fade into the background.She isn’t looking for an affair—been there, done that, has the scars to prove it.Unfortunately, a man like Matt fights for what he wants.Mia soon discovers he’s not the man she thought he was—he’s far worse.He makes her want what she can’t have. But she isn’t the only one with a tarnished sword and fire-breathing demons to slay.Despite her reservations, they grow closer.Is Matt nothing more than a convenient distraction? Or is he the one man who can convince her she’s worthy of love?