Author: Rod Carstens

Category: Science Fiction

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He was going on one last, easy mission then he was going to get out. Until the whole of humanity needed saving.Lieutenant Dasan Sand is about to leave the Legion and become a civilian again — and he couldn’t be happier. But on a last mission, he finds himself facing an army of ferocious aliens fighting a religious war against the human race.Sand no longer wants to leave the Legion; not when he finally understands the meaning of serviceThe aliens are coming to wipe humanity off the cosmic map, and Sand must put together the band of men and women who will keep them at bay. To do that he must fight the military and civilian bureaucracy to pull together a rag tag group of soldiers to form an elite fighting unit capable of this almost impossible task. He must win the biggest of all wars if he is to save the human race. If you like characters who beat the odds, non-stop action, intense combat and high stakes, you’ll love The Last Stand of the Legion. #1 in The Blood Wars Series