Author: Robin Mahle

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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State Trooper Remy Fontaine witnessed a man gun down her partner with a bullet meant for her. Now, the state police in Baton Rouge want to award her a medal for her so-called bravery. Instead, Remy attempts to outrun her grief and guilt by accepting a new position as an agent for the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation. However, the fallout from the shooting incident trails her, as does the looming trial.

Now, Remy must re-group if she hopes to gain ground on a new investigation with colleague, Agent Alex Chasse, as they hunt down a kidnapper in the sultry Louisiana summer. When the trail leads to multiple murders, she and Alex learn that the hunters are now the hunted. With only one option remaining, countless lives have already been lost and the clock is ticking. Remy must now slay the demons from her past in order to find the new ones who await.