Author: Cam Daly

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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A Labworld can go from being an uncontacted backwater to a priceless treasure in an instant.
We can barely get to the Moon, but a human invention is about to change the galactic balance of power.
Keryapt Zess, the best Active her species ever had, is racing to Earth to claim it first.
Her masters gave her a new body, orbital weaponry and the name of a man who might know more.
But her memory is strangely blank - can he help Kery find herself before her alien rivals kill us all?

“This fast-paced sci-fi thriller satisfies on multiple fronts...Smart, engaging, with a touch of wry wit - a real treat!


When a human invention accidentally breaks the laws of physics, the aliens hiding among us will fight each other to control it. If they can’t win, they will make sure everyone else loses. Permanently.

Fleet Four assigns the legendary Keryapt Zess to uncover which galactic rival thinks Earth is worth fighting over. With a cutting edge Interloper body and the best support team in Labworld Command, there should be nothing on Earth that can stand in her way.

But no plan survives contact with the enemy. There are only two people she can trust - her Shadow back in Fleet Four and a human photographer who was in the right place at the wrong time. Can they help her stay alive long enough to answer the question - who wants us dead?

And what will she do if the answer is “Everyone”?
Reviewers say:
“an imaginative, fully formed world with multiple alien species. Smart, funny and insightful, it’s a great read”

“it kept me on my toes with a steady supply of unexpected twists and turns, while at the same time gradually revealing the depth of the lead characters.”

“This is what you would get if HBO had James Cameron make a Men In Black series.”

"A page-turning good time. Great action and I really want to read more in this world."

“That was crazy fun!”