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Kombucha SimplifiedThe Ultimate Guide To Kombucha Tea, Its Health Benefits, And How To Brew At Home*Over 3900 Copies Downloaded! Join The Crowd And Download Now!This Book Is Designed For Superfood NewbiesDon't know the difference between quinoa and kefir? Not to worry, this guide was created because I know how confusing health foods can get, and I was getting overwhelmed with all the hipster jargon....And People Who Want To Be Generally HealthyKombucha's amazing benefits and probiotic nature are a great way to start living a healthier lifestyle. Suitable for all diets - including vegan, raw, and gluten free - this fermented beverage could be the start of a happier, thinner, healthier you.How To Make Kombucha Tea At HomeIf you end up deciding that kombucha is right for you, I'll walk you through the relatively simple process of making kombucha at home and saving money compared to commercial products. You'll also learn about a few health and safety concerns, as well as how to mitigate them.Some Of The Other Reported Benefits We'll Discuss Include:Improved memory functionMinimized hair lossLowering blood pressureClearing skin problemsIncreased immune supportLiver detoxificationImproved energy (no more 3:00pm crashing)Emotional improvementWeight lossReap The Benefits Of Green Tea, But SuperchargedResearch is starting to show that kombucha may have additional benefits to those found in traditional green and black teas. Kombucha is greater than the sum of its parts.Talk About SCOBY'S With Your Hip FriendsOne of the reasons I wrote this book is to avoid jargon and other language that confuses people. Sometimes, you can't avoid a few words. I'll explain kombucha scoby's so that you can sound cool at your next cocktail party (and I guess it helps for brewing kombucha too).Unfortunately, I Can't Help You Acquire The TasteThis book will teach you everything you need to know about kombucha so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to include it in your healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, some people take some time to acquire the taste of kombucha tea - that's not something I can help you with. I hope you forgive me.Scroll up, click the Buy Now With 1-Click button and get started today!100% Money Back Guarantee If You're Not Totally HappyIf you're not over the moon about your purchase within the first 7 days, Amazon will refund 100% of your purchase price. There's nothing to lose, so start your kombucha journey now.