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Kitten and Butterfly want to be friends, but what games can they play together? Kitten can't fly and Butterfly can't chase his tail! Together, they find a way.—Colorful illustrations hold your child’s attention —Enjoyable to read out loud — over and over again!—Teaches children about diversity without preaching —Weaves facts about butterflies into the story—Every book ends with a moral of the story—Paperback version includes free coloring pagesPraise for the “Kitten and Friends” series:“...shows children how to accept and work with each other's differences (and is not at all preachy in the way it does it.) I can't praise this book highly enough!” — Amazon Reviewer “...I like the “Kitten and friends” series for my young readers. The plots are both simple enough for them to follow and intriguing enough to hold their attention. Often they’ll ask if they can borrow it to read by themselves, which I see as a great sign that I picked a good one.” — Amazon Reviewer “...Aviva Gittle's children's books-- especially the "kitten books"-- are the best for modeling behaviors most parents would have their little ones acquire. Kitten is outgoing, confident, and playful.” — Amazon Reviewer 2017 LA Book Festival Honorable Mention5-Star Readers’ Favorite”5-Stars: Aviva Gittle tells a charming tale that kids will love ... The illustrations by Tekla Huszár are beautiful, colorful and eye catching.” -Samantha Gregory for Readers’ FavoriteThe first book in the Kitten and Friends series, Kitten & Butterfly is a story of friendship and acceptance. You and your little ones will love snuggling up with the cutest, friendliest, sweetest, kitty in the whole wide world!Kitten & Butterfly is a story that helps you talk to your child about friendship, kindness, and accepting others who may look or live differently. But, it does so in a fun, “non-preachy” way. Children adore the story and the illustrations by Tekla Huszár. See the Kitten & Butterfly Book trailer on YouTube to learn more: child will learn something about each creature featured in a "Kitten and Friends" story. Like the fact that snakes can swim (Kitten & Snake) and Koi like to eat algae (Kitten & Koi). Also, the print version of every book includes a free coloring book inside! A message from the author, Aviva Gittle:“The Kitten and Friends series will help you teach your child friendship skills, manners and etiquette in a fun and engaging way. Each book ends with a Moral of the Story that reinforces the message of getting along with others who may look and live differently. If you like the Kitten adventures, please leave a review on Be sure to let friends and family know about the Kitten and Friends series; a wonderful, family-friendly collection of stories that both children and adults enjoy reading again and again.There are other books by Aviva Gittle Publishing. Just search for “Aviva Gittle” to see a list of all of my books!Warmly,-Aviva”Kitten & Friends Series:Kitten & ButterflyKitten & KoiKitten & SnakeKitten & SquirrelKitten & BoyKitten & KinKitten & MonkeyAvailable in Spanish! "Gatito y Mariposa" Aviva Gittle:Website: Twitter: Videos: