Kiss a Highlander by Rebecca Preston

Author: Rebecca Preston

Category: Romance Books

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When Edith flees through a door that thrusts her back in time to ancient Scotland, her abusive husband follows, threatening her new life and those who help her, including Bran MacLeod, the handsome Scotsman who swears to protect her…

Edith Davis thought she found love with her husband Gabriel, but discovers his controlling and abusive nature too late to prevent him from hurting her. While touring the ruins of the MacLeod castle, she flees from Gabriel and finds an open door to hide in, unaware it transports her back in time. When Gabriel follows her through the door and is caught by MacLeod guards, Edith tries to figure out what’s happening and runs into Bran MacLeod, the Laird’s cousin and Tanist.

Bran MacLeod recognizes Edith is from the future immediately and promises to protect her when she relays the horror her husband has put her through. She struggles to make sense of her time travel until she meets the Laird’s wife Maria, a former NYPD detective. Once she accepts her new world, Edith can’t deny her attraction to Bran, despite her husband being held in the dungeon under the castle.

When a storm leads to a jail break and Gabriel escapes with several Irish bandits, it leaves Edith hanging in limbo, terrified of her husband’s return and unable to consummate her relationship with Bran. Their new love is put to the test when her old enemy returns and threatens everything they’ve built and their new love.

Kiss A Highlander is the second book in the A Highlander Across Time series, perfect for fans of brooding heroes, intrepid heroines, and page-turning time-travel romance. Grab your copy today, and enter the exciting world of Kiss A Highlander! Read more