Author: Adriana Anders

Category: Romance Books

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My desires…I’m afraid. I want things – to escape, to run, to be caught, held down and…I’ve come here to find the thing to quench my most sensual fantasies.When I see him - I know. He’s brutal and made of stone. An artist with his hands who keeps everyone at arm’s length. He’s the one I want – I need.

May be my downfall.I’m not a man you play with. I gave up on finding a partner years ago.But now I see her. Innocent. Beautiful. Temptation. I want to possess her as much as I want to protect her from myself.I am the king here, but once she’s gone? I’ll be a man alone once again.Now that I have her. I have to find a way to keep her...forever.

Kink Camp is a world apart, a place where pain is pleasure, hate can be love, and we are all our own true selves. Every act is consensual, every person respected—unless that’s not what they want. This book plunges you into the deep end, with consensual non-consent, forced fantasy, and primal play. Tread carefully.