Author: Reg Quist

Category: Popular Fiction

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ONE SLAVE'S COURAGEOUS JOURNEY DELIVERED IN THE FORM OF A HEART-STOPPING AND ACTION-PACKED WESTERN TALE BASED ON TRUE EVENTS.In Just John, John Ware is tasked with the job of delivering a valuable stallion to a horse farm in Tennessee—in return for his freedom. Upon successfully completing his task, he embarks on a road to Fort Worth, Texas where his expertise with horses opens doors for him that he never thought possible.Northward to Home follows John as a well-known, highly loved, and acclaimed black cowboy who arrives in Alberta at the beginning of an extraordinary ranching story in the grasslands. Participating in the building of some of the greatest ranches, John realizes that he’s put off his dreams of owning his own ranch and growing a family of his own for too long.Don't miss out on this exciting and historical duology! John Ware’s story is infamous, but—having never learned to read or write—he left no record of his wondrous background.