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Do you keep gaining weight and no longer know what to do?Do you feel exhausted and would like to purify your body naturally?Are you short on time and want something tasty to drink while you work?

If your answer is "Yes," read on.

I've been there myself. I tried all kinds of diets. Some worked for my friends, but there was just no way with me. So I started to inform myself as best I could to find a diet that met all my needs and helped me eat more fruits and vegetables fast. Classic diets make you feel low in energy, with great hunger at random times, and you can't continue to focus if you haven't filled your stomach. All these problems have an answer; through my research, I have encapsulated them in these pages.

In this cookbook, you will discover :

THE BENEFITS OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Every fruit and vegetable has properties that, when combined with the right companion, can give you well-being and satiety.THE RECIPES OF THE BUSY WOMAN: All recipes were chosen by the classic working mom with two children. She has little time to devote to her diet but is determined to achieve her silhouette and youthfulness.THE ELIXIR OF JUICES FOR COMMON PROBLEMS: juices to nourish the brain, juices to lose weight, detoxifying and purifying juices, juices to boost immunity, anti-aging and energizing juices.THE WARRIOR'S FOOD PLAN: Juices to make up your daily diet according to your needs and to find the best version of yourself.

Begin this adventure with mouthwatering recipes, tips, and tricks to help you move away from pre-packaged juices. Learn how to enrich your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Now that it's hot, you have extra help to start this challenge that will make you feel good, refresh you, and help you stay focused on your goal.

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