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"Juggling Secrets: Learn How to Juggle Today" is the single best teaching book on learning how to juggle within the day. I have successfully taught 1,000s of people to juggle within an hour with this process. Learn now. Success Guaranteed. If you've always wanted to learn how to juggle, this is a MUST HAVE resource.Inside this book you will learn about different juggling patterns and how to do these patterns. You'll also learn why so many people are starting to juggle and how you are at the forefront of this movement.Inside there are detailed instructions and pictures to guide you along your journey to learning how to juggle. Included is the proven system that I've developed over 16 years experience teaching 1,000s how to juggle. It is a proven system for all ages, and in most cases, takes less than an hour. Inside you'll also learn why everyone should learn to juggle. You'll learn all about the benefits of juggling from mental clarity to stress relief.