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If you were a kid growing up in the mid-’90s and early-00s then it is highly unlikely you did not spend a considerable number of hours binge-watching FRIENDS! If asked how many of you are still obsessed with the show, I am sure a lot of hands will go up and possibly some legs too!

From awkward situations to hilarious punchlines, the sitcom packs a comic punch and has audiences laughing at jokes over and over again! Between them, there’s a paleontologist, a masseuse, an IT manager, an actor, a chef and a waitress and rest assured, never a dull moment in their lives!

With all the madness and chaos at play, there is one factor that binds all of them together: food. All six friends- Ross, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, Monica and Rachel-are big foodies and love catching up over a coffee and sharing their meals.
To celebrate how food plays an important role throughout the series, here are 30 delicious recipes that will inspire you to hit the kitchen and start cooking. Each one will have you and guests begging for more. Rest assured, you might run out of reruns but not recipe ideas, once you start cooking from this FRIENDS inspired cookbook!