Jesus Is Better by Zach Maldonado

Author: Zach Maldonado

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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What if God Is Better Than You Imagined?Do you find yourself doubting God and weary of religion? Are you tired of the confusing answers, the hypocrisy, and the feeling that God isn’t enough? If so, you’re not alone. 
Like many believers, author and pastor Zach Maldonado experienced the same disappointment with Christianity. He asked questions—about God, about Jesus, about himself—that he didn’t have answers for. Yet, despite all this, something sparked his passion for Jesus and compelled him to devote his life to sharing a simple message. 
This message is not dead theology. It’s not rule-keeping or a pep talk to be more radical. Instead, it’s an invitation to a relationship that’s free from to-do lists, shame, and legalism. 
Jesus Is Better offers answers to the most difficult questions about Christianity, as well as hope for the weary believer, the distant skeptic, and those who desire to leave religion behind and embrace the God who not only loves them without condition, but actually likes and enjoys who they are. Through it you’ll rediscover Jesus in a fresh new way that will completely change your life.