It’s Not Easy Being a Lazy Bug by Ramona MacLean

Author: Ramona MacLean, Michela Fiori, Pragya Tomar

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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A lovely bedtime tale about a lazy bug and the value of doing things yourself!Bug loves doing nothing. He never gets dressed, or makes his own food, or even goes to school! But when his parents decide to stop doing everything for him, Bug soon discovers that being lazy isn’t such a good idea after all… and that becoming independent is fun after all!It’s Not Easy Being a Lazy Bug is a hilarious and enjoyable tale that inspires kids to do things for themselves and not be lazy. Featuring vivid illustrations and an upbeat theme, Bug’s delightful story is perfect for teaching young children about the downsides of being lazy and the rewarding satisfaction that comes from taking control and being independent.Book details:Makes A Great Bedtime Story For Kids Aged 4-6Teaches The Value and Joy of IndependenceFeatures Colorful, Lively Illustrations and a Charming StorySpecially Designed For Early Readers, Reading Aloud, Group Readings and MoreAnd It Will Quickly Become Your Child’s Favorite Tale!Ideal for gifts, passing the time, and even as a way to help early learners strengthen their reading skills, this colorful book helps empower kids to be more independent by showing them the amazing benefits of doing things yourself. So if you’re searching for a funny and cheerful tale about one lazy bug who sees the error in his ways, then this book is for you!Scroll up and buy now to start reading!