Author: Lorhainne Eckhart

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She never realized until she lost him that he was the only man she’d ever love.Katy and Steven were the loves of each other’s lives until a tragedy and the fallout of Steven’s injuries drove the couple apart.They share a son, but Katy and Steven have moved on with their lives, dating other people, and neither has seen the other in five long years. But when Steven comes knocking on Katy’s parents’ door after learning she’s back in town, Katy is forced to face her estranged husband and the love that broke her heart, and his intentions regarding their all-but-over marriage are soon made very clear.The only problem is that as simple as it would be for them to walk away, seeing just what it means to move on and start a new life may not be as easy as they once thought.Did you miss the other books in this big family romance series? Start with the worldwide bestseller THE FORGOTTEN CHILD translated in German & French, coming soon to Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese & Chinese.Reading order:THE OUTSIDER SERIES (The Friessen Legacy)The Forgotten ChildA Baby And a Wedding (Short Story FREE)Fallen HeroThe Search (Short Story FREE)The AwakeningSecretsRunawayOverdue (Short Story FREE)The Unexpected StormThe WeddingThe Friessens: A New BeginningThe Deadline (Andy and Laura)The Price to Love (Neil and Candy)A Different Kind of Love (Brad and Emily)A Vow of Love, A Friessen Family ChristmasThe FriessensThe ReunionThe Bloodline (Andy & Laura)The Promise (Diana & Jed)The Business Plan (Neil & Candy)The Decision (Brad & Emily)First Love (Katy)Family FirstLeave the Light OnIn the Moment In the Family: A Friessen Family Christmas In the Silence In the Stars In the CharmUnexpected Consequences It Was Always YouThe First Time I Saw YouWelcome to My ArmsI’ll Always Love YouA Reason to BreatheYou Are My Everything