Author: Skipp Porteous, Robert Blevins

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November 24, 1971 - 'Dan Cooper' leaps from the aft stairs of a Northwest Airlines Boeing 727 after demanding four parachutes and $200,000 in cash. He was never seen again, and forty years later, he has never been identified - until now. (BOOK UPDATE: On June 12, 2015 the author filmed an extensive video in the Olympic Mountains of Washington State that presents the most updated information on Cooper suspect Kenny Christiansen to date. This video can be seen at YouTube HERE: Another video with a fast-moving slideshow can be seen HERE: Christiansen was probably the man who pulled off the boldest unsolved crime in history. A former World War 2 paratrooper who also worked for Northwest Airlines as a purser, Christiansen benefited from a key mistake by the F.B. I. -They never considered airline employees as suspects.Skipp Porteous of Sherlock Investigations, New York, and Robert Blevins of Adventure Books of Seattle present the case that Christiansen and Cooper were one and the same.The authors show how Kenny Christiansen planned the hijacking of NWA Flight 305, what motivated him to do it, who helped him on the ground, and what he did with the money afterwards. More than forty pictures, a wealth of circumstantial evidence, and interviews with living witnesses reveal the truth at last. A complete set of public files created by the staff of Adventure Books concerning Christiansen, as well as his alleged accomplice Bernie Geestman can be downloaded in PDF at the DB Cooper Info Page at http://www.adventurebooksofseattle.comInto The Blast was the subject of an episode on the History Channel show Brad Meltzer's Decoded. Much more has been discovered since that show first aired in January 2011. A final report running 74 pages on Christiansen will be sent to the Seattle FBI in 2015 that includes Christiansen's prints, his brother's DNA for comparison to the partial DNA sample from the hijacker's tie, as well as testimony from the alleged accomplice's own family. He is referred to as 'Mike Watson' in the book. In reality, he is Bernie Geestman from Port Angeles, WA. He was the last person to appear on the Decoded episode for an interview. He told the cast that yes, Kenny could be the hijacker. But mulitple witnesses, some from his own family, now say he went missing with Kenny the entire week of the hijacking. Maybe Geestman should have offered an alibi for Kenny instead. More recently, his own niece has claimed she saw Kenny Christiansen working with materials related to creating the phony bomb used by the hijacker, shortly before the date of the hijacking. And although some Cooper armchair investigators have tried to discount Christiansen as the hijacker based on the 'official' descriptions of Cooper, the evidence against both Christiansen and Geestman is almost too great to ignore.