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Everyone seems to be in a rush searching for ways to weight loss nowadays. A myriad of offers covering diets, health and food supplements, physical fitness programs, and various training workshops are flooding the entire health and fitness market. All these entail costs and effort on your part and mostly turn out to be not as effective as these marketers promised in their glamorous ads. However, there’s an ongoing solution that many are resorting to nowadays. Although it is not exempted from cynic opinions, it is a lot better than those options being offered in the market. For one, it does not require any extra effort to do it, and it does not hit your pocket like it does when you prepare for a new set of diet or enroll in a physical fitness program.The popularity of intermittent fasting is gaining momentum in the market today when people are getting tired of numerous diets that sound easy to do at first attempt but usually don’t work well in the long run. This book, is designed to provide you with an effective alternative solution to your problem regarding weight. This book will further enlighten you about the fundamentals of Intermittent Fasting and how it proves to be the coolest, quickest, and easiest way to lose weight, while building lean muscles for both men and women. Grab a copy today and start losing pounds in fewer days!