Author: Brenda Pylon

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Start your new lifestyle to get back in shape easily and effectively today!
Discover the most comprehensive guide on Intermittent Fasting that makes you achieve and maintain results over time (yes, even if you're over 50).

Reaching fifty doesn't mean "settling" for what we've achieved and how our body is changing but, it's instead the right time to take care of it properly.

Feeling immediately tired after simple daily chores, not liking yourself in the mirror anymore, or not to mention the problems brought by menopause, are common issues for all of us who have reached this age.

...And so what kind of diet to choose, among the many existing ones, that suits our needs?

Between the many pages of this book, we will talk in-depth about how thousands of women over 50 have already improved their lives thanks to Intermittent Fasting, starting to feel comfortable with themselves again by following the step-by-step diet plans and the many tasty recipes.