Author: Bitsy Keown

Category: Cooking and Drinks

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Tired of trying to decide what’s for dinner? How about waiting in long drive thru lines for unhealthy and unsatisfying foods? Or spending hours cooking for a family that disappears once they get a plate. Yeah, that was my family, and I was over it. I wanted my family back. I wanted to actually engage in a conversation with them, not just a text here and there with noses buried in their phones. This cookbook will do exactly that. You will spend less time in the kitchen and more time spent eating together, laughing together and just having fun together. Recipes compiled include all types of meats, pastas, vegetables and more. The cookbook is suitable for really any meal, although I compiled the recipes in this cookbook, primarily, with dinners in mind.
What this book is all about
•Dinner Recipes that are Fast & Easy for Busy Lifestyles
•Saving money by eating in
•Bringing your family back to the table to create life long memories
•Recipes for every taste, even the picky eaters
•Recipes appear first in the book for quick access
•Ingredients found in the common grocery store
•Easy to follow steps
This cookbook makes cooking choices easy and time saving. Admit it, you deserve a break.