Author: Stacey Sargent

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Inner Critic Inner Success straddles the worlds of business and self-help in a way that’s bursting with smarts yet is full of soul. It’s a guide to finding the sweet spot in life where you can hold both success and doubt in a way that feels actionable and spacious instead of pointless and stuck. This book helps you capitalize on the dynamic and powerful relationship between critic and success. With attention and awareness, you’ll become adept at seeing the dynamics of how success and doubt play off each other on a daily basis. You’ll begin to transform that negative Inner Critic voice into a beam of light that spotlights your most cherished hopes, values and strengths. It challenges you to define success in a radical new way — on YOUR terms (versus what society, culture and business dictate) and from the perspective of how you feel about success not just how you think.BOOK REVIEWS"Simply 'acting' more confident has limited women at best, and made them feel inauthentic at worst. But Inner Critic takes a close look at self-defeating voices and uses them to achieve authentic career success. Feels like a one-on-one coaching process. This book will help students, employees, entrepreneurs and executives alike take charge of achieving their own definition of success." -- Caroline Simard, PhD, Associate Director, Stanford School of Medicine Office of Diversity and Leadership and STEM diversity consultant. "I feel like I spent the last decade of my career searching for a book like this. In Inner Critic Inner Success Stacey managed to stop me in my tracks with her humorous, yet inspiring approach toward self-awareness and creating success. Many of the pages felt like they were speaking directly to me and my struggles over the years. Her book provides practical exercises, tools, and playful stories that keep you engaged while stretching you in new ways. It's an absolutely brilliant read...the type that shakes you in all the right ways." -- Joanna Lord, Chief Marketing Officer, Big Door “Brilliantly written, with humor and a willingness to offer real life experience, Sargent gets to the heart of the matter and connects with her readers in a real way. The beauty of Inner Critic Inner Success is that is starts from the inside out. It doesn’t ask you to change who you are, but rather leverage who you are to experience more success.” -- Tracy Burns, CEO, Northeast Human Resources Association “A deep bow of gratitude to Stacey Sargent for having the courage, humor, and wisdom to tackle this topic. A gift that will empower readers to shift their own relationship with their inner critic.” -- Matt Walker, CEO of Inner Passage and Author of Adventure In Everything: How the Five Elements of Adventure Create a Life of Authenticity, Purpose and Inspiration"An intelligent look at why fighting fear doesn’t work, and how learning from your inner critic can transform your life, your work and your world. Thanks to the author’s leadership experience, willingness to share personal struggles and practical tools that invite real-life change, this is one of the best books on the inner critic that I’ve read.”-- Lynn Baldwin-Rhoades, Founder, Power Chicks International