Author: Martha Foster

Category: General Nonfiction

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The only baby book you’ll need…

Have you ever wished for a baby owner's manual? Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect infant gift? Or maybe you’re a soon-to-be parent and you need a newborn baby handbook to get you through this exciting new chapter in your life. Whatever you’re looking for, this book is the perfect book on pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting.

This book will guide you through:

Before Your Baby’s Arrival

Getting Your Home Baby Ready

Getting Yourself Baby Ready

Shopping for Your Baby

Baby Essentials

What Should or Could be Avoided

Getting to Know Your Baby

When to Call Your Doctor

Recovering From a Difficult Birth

All Things Feeding Related


Bottle Feeding

Is My Baby Eating Enough

The Don’ts of Breastfeeding and Bottle feeding

The Scoop on Solids

Food Allergies

Basic Sleep Principles

Sleep Newborn to Three Months

Sleep Three Months to Six Months

Creating Good Sleeping Habits

Sleep Troubleshooting

The 5 S’s of Sleeping

Caring For Your Newborn

Bonding With Your Baby

All Forms of Baby Communication

Baby reflexes/Moro/Rooting/Palmers/Sucking

The Crying Game

General Care Cord Care

Bathing Your Baby

The Scoop on Poop/What is Normal/What is Not Normal

Diapering Your Baby Boy

Diapering Your Baby Girl

Cloth Diapering

Disposable Diapering

Common Breastfeeding Issues

Common Illnesses


Common Baby Ailments

Top Questions From New Moms Birth Postpartum Newborn Feeding, Spit-up, and Poop

And so much more!

Birth is difficult enough; let this guide be your handy companion or all those common issues. Buy your copy today!