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“You are more than just a pill counter” - Alex Barker, PharmDARE YOU:

Trapped in your pharmacy job? Feeling burned out, like you can’t handle another day of work? Fearfully imagining working at your job for another twenty years. Worried about a lack of career options in pharmacy? Feeling absolutely powerless to do anything about it? Fed up with the stress your career is causing you?

IF SO, THIS BOOK IS YOUR PRESCRIPTION TO:Learn the step by step method to creating an Indispensable career.Quickly transition into a new, fulfilling job and out of your miserable old one.Chart a path full of opportunities by unleashing your secret strengths.

Become the Indispensable pharmacist the best companies fight over. Indispensable is your guide to creating confidence in a career path full of exciting opportunities. One with less anxiety, stress, and burnout from your work. It is the secret to a fulfilling and Indispensable career where you don't need to work so hard to find your next job. In this book, I share my story how I created my Indispensable career from the shambles of a broken one, and how other pharmacists, even those with no prior experience can do the same.