Author: Dinah Miller

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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Justice, she’ll never be denied. FBI Special Agent John Treehorn hunts for a killer who left one victim spread-eagled on the Four Corners Monument and a second near a stolen weapons cache deemed destroyed by the ATF. The case appears straight forward until within minutes it’s not when both corpses are found branded with the mark of Indian Posse, a ruthless gang on the Navajo Indian Reservation who hunts criminals that have failed to pay their debts to society. Treehorn, his fellow agents, and Police Chief Samuel Bear track weapons that connect a Navajo Nation Police deputy’s murder to a deceased drug-dealing felon with a long criminal history who associated with the victims. As the agents uncover the truth, a powerful man with a decades-long, hate-filled agenda fights for control in the investigation that has prevented Treehorn from solving a cold case. In the end, the Navajo who wears the golden badge stands with Indian justice and the white man’s law. WARNING: This novel is for a mature audience only. It contains graphic crime scenes, graphic violence, and graphic adult intimate imagery. Note the warnings. FBI Special Agent John Treehorn Mystery series: SHADOW DANCER A John Treehorn Mystery (Book #1)STOLEN SISTERS A John Treehorn Mystery (Book #2)BAD PENNY A John Treehorn Mystery (Book #3 - Short Read for Charity)INDIAN POSSE A John Treehorn Mystery (Book #4)DEVIL'S DOORBELL A John Treehorn Mystery (Book #5)RAILROAD CROSSING A John Treehorn Mystery (Book #6 - Short Read for Charity)THE HANGMAN A John Treehorn Mystery (Book #7)THE STAGECOACH A John Treehorn Mystery (Book #8 - Release November 2021)TATTOO YOU A John Treehorn Mystery (Book #9 - Short Read for Charity)Author and fan page: