Author: Set Sytes

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The smoking black line rolled forward, taking over the sea and the sky in its approach. Fog stole onto the shore and soon most of the beach was invisible. Out of the fog there came a long, slow horn, and as it cut short there came the unmistakable creaking of ship masts.The mist rolled back, as though someone were sweeping it away with a broom. The blackness dissipated and the beach lay clear and dark gold. Anchored in the bay was a grey and white ship and pulling up to the shoreline were three boats full of the dead.

A roguish street lad from Mexico Island finds his adventures have only just begun when he wakes up aboard a legendary ship crewed by skeletons. He sails through a fantastical Caribbean world - including the pirate island Tortugal - searching for the father he's never met (and a great mound of treasure would be nice, too). Shame he's getting pursued by the bullying imperial governor's son Lancer Main, who'd much rather India and his new friends were swinging from the gallows....


is the first book in a pirate fantasy adventure series, featuring the thrilling exploits of the young India Muerte in an exotic yet dangerous world as different from our own as it is similar.

This book was originally published as India Bones and the Ship of the Dead.