Author: Adam Jarrett and Paul Rosengren

Category: General Nonfiction

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The winner of the Best Independent Book Award 2021 in the health category !

Following the Spanish flu, a group of doctors and nuns banded together to establish a hospital to prepare for the next pandemic. It took a hundred years, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Holy Name Hospital found itself at ground zero. In the Time of Covid highlights the innovation, creativity and help from unexpected people and places that allowed the hospital to secure PPE and equipment, completely redesign the hospital, handle the growing number of dead, and treat what seemed like unending waves of new Covid-19 patients. Using rich and impactful stories to illustrate his points, Dr. Jarrett uses easy-to-understand language to weave in information on the origins of Covid-19, current treatments and studies, lessons learned and innovation undertaken by “heroes without capes” (and how this innovation saved lives). He includes what treatments he would want (and not want) at each stage of the infection, if he were to become infected. An important read for anyone who has been infected by Covid-19 or knows someone who is, or has been, infected.