Author: Douglas Lindsay

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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DS Hutton is back, in another dark and grim, blisteringly comic, sex and murder-fuelled serial killer thriller.

It’s a grey October in Glasgow, and the rain is mournfully falling, a requiem for a city ravaged by the effects of the long summer’s virus. And now a killer enters the narrative, to wreak havoc, spill blood, and to lead the city in a dance of death.

Each victim dies from a thousand brutal cuts, blood weeping from the empty eyes of the their death masque. A sister masque is left elsewhere, a rogue clue, planted by the killer to taunt the police.

The danse macabre intensifies, the body count mounts higher, until Hutton, inevitably, inexorably, unbearably, is the last good man standing in the battle against a haunting and rapacious killer…