Author: Susie Kelly

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***** 'WOW! I read this book mostly opened mouthed, what an adventure and how brave the author was to live in a derelict house practically on her own with lots of animals and not speaking the language.' Goodreads***** 'There are a handful of authors who will achieve that elusive trick of making you laugh out loud. For me it's James Herriot, Bill Bryson & Susie Kelly.'FrenchEntrée Magazine***** 'A laugh-out-loud romp through an honest story of moving to France & buying a house that is anything but the French dream (who needs water and electricity? lol!).' Goodreads***** 'As usual, Susie’s humour and skill had me laughing out loud.' Mrs Bloggs' Books

Who hasn't dreamt of living in France? For Susie that dream comes true... ...but not in the way she had imagined.

Yes, the countryside is spacious and peaceful.... ...on summer nights the stars skim the rooftops, the owls hoot and the nightingales sing. Sunflowers smile from their fields. Then there's the food and the wine... ...the wine is cheap and the baguettes are crusty. The French neighbours are generous and gentle.But then come the drug addicts, builders who cannot build, demanding compatriots, undercover cops and unwelcome guests. Susie begins to lose hope of attracting the fabled French philanderer and, far from appreciating their new home, the animals do everything they can to make life as difficult as possible. With her house literally crumbling around her, the number of odd characters Susie manages to attract are only matched by the assortment of creatures appearing from in and out of the woodwork. When her husband almost dies, Susie's resilience and good humour are tested to the limit.

Sometimes it feels more like taking part in a musical comedy than starting a new life in France.

First Kindle edition of Two Steps Backwards, originally published by Bantam/Transworld as a UK paperback.