Impromptu Speaking by Diane Windingland

Author: Diane Windingland

Category: Business, Money and Jobs

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Stay calm and speak with clarity when you’re put on the spot!
You can organize your thoughts quickly and express them without rambling when you are:
Asked questions in a meeting, or after a presentation
Invited to “say a few words” at an event
Fielding questions in a job interview
Being interviewed on a podcast
And many other “off-the-cuff” impromptu speaking situations
Learn how to deal with these and other impromptu speaking situations with 10 strategies:
Anticipate Impromptu Speaking Situations
Know 3 Things: Your Audience, Yourself & Your Stuff
Be Present: Pay Attention & Listen Actively
Buy Time When Called on Unexpectedly
Use Impromptu Speaking Frameworks
Tell a Relevant Story
Agree & Build on What Others Say
Handle Criticism or Conflict In-the-Moment
Interrupt When Necessary
Convey Confidence with Your Voice & Body Language
Plus bonus material with 36 impromptu questions to practice answering and tips for several specific situations, from crisis communications to wedding speeches.