Author: Doug Robins

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Is the problem mental health or spiritual warfare?Most people recognize the challenges of trauma, depression, and anxiety, and some are willing to explore what the Bible says about finding hope and healing from these dark forces. But is the source of these things physical or spiritual? And what tools are available to all people for healing and help?Doug Robins is the Senior Pastor of City Tribe Church in San Antonio, Texas. He’s led the church to grow with irreligious and unchurched people. In addition, Doug has grown a church that is ethnically, generationally, and economically diverse. His sweet spot is inspiring broken people to be transformed by Christ. Doug often says, “God has a lot of jacked-up kids, and City Tribe is where we all found each other.” Whether or not you can attend City Tribe, you can be encouraged by Doug’s inspirational messages on YouTube at City Tribe Media, or on the City Tribe Podcast on iTunes or Sound Cloud.With compassion and clarity, Pastor Doug shares from his own story of rising above debilitating depression and uncontrolled lust in order to help others evaluate, understand, and overcome their areas of brokenness. In this practical and insightful book, you will discover the power of:Utilizing the biblical tools God has already provided for your healingExploring counterintuitive ways to experience spiritual and emotional healthTaking a fearless inventory of the thoughts that are mapping your brainCleansing your life of past or current demonic influenceGuided prayers, thought-provoking questions, and a suggested activity for each chapter will help you take the knowledge you are learning and apply it to your life.Are you ready to take the next step in your journey toward spiritual and emotional healing? No matter where you are in your faith or the trials you’ve endured, I Am Not Defeated: 10 Ways to Demolish Mental Demons is sure to arm you with the tools you need to begin your healing journey.