Author: JA Huss

Category: Science Fiction

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Left with few choices after the murder of her father, a young assassin teams up with a brutal alien race to expose an eight-thousand-year-old plan to destroy Earth.

Nothing about Junco’s world is what it seems. She has been trained to kill from the day she was born and her life has been nothing but a long string of secret missions interspersed with long bouts of insanity and insubordination.

But now that her father is dead every military faction wants a piece of her. Especially the ruthless alien soldier, Tier, and his team of murderous brothers.

With no one left to trust she turns to the aliens, and their ancient overlord, Lucan, to learn the secrets of her origins. But this sanctuary comes at a hefty price and she will have to participate in a series of death battles to prove her worth and go on the most demanding and deadliest missions of her life.

But that’s not so bad, right?

After all, killing is what she does best.