Author: Garry Rodgers

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Are you writing your first of many crime thrillers? Are you a seasoned vet wanting to improve your crime thriller writing skills? Or are you just looking for useful and down-to-earth tips on how to write deadly crime fiction?Regardless of your stage in writing crime thrillers, retired homicide detective and forensic coroner—now bestselling crime writer, Garry Rodgers, tells you how How To Write Deadly Crime Thrillers and gives you a No BS Guide with 101 Killer Tips.This informative guide is one of the few books on crime thriller writing that clearly tells you what it takes to write a Bestselling Crime Thriller that will climb to the top of the charts and stay there.How To Write Deadly Crime Thrillers is laid out in eight, easy to understand sections covering the main points on the craft of crime thriller writing. They include:PART ONE — THE SCIENCE OF STORY— with tips like Applying Neuro-Linguistics and Understand The Crime Thriller Genre.PART TWO — TELLING THE STORY— with tips like Ask The Central Story Question and Don’t Hesitate To Lie.PART THREE — STORY IS ABOUT PEOPLE— with tips like Jerk Her Emotions and Don’t Judge Your People.PART FOUR — STORY HAS STRUCTURE— with tips like Create The Stockholm Syndrome and Sharpen Your Hook.PART FIVE — CHARACTERS ARE PEOPLE— with tips like What Would Dick Head Do? and Motive, Means, and Opportunity.PART SIX — PEOPLE TALK TO EACH OTHER— with tips like Dialogue Is Edited Speech and Foul Language.PART SEVEN — SELF-MUTILATION (EDITING)— with tips like Grammar Don’t Wear No Coat ‘n Tie and Don’t Let Your Editor Steal Your Book.PART EIGHT — WRITERS ARE ORGANIZED AND DISCIPLINED— with tips like Cause Mapping / Link Analysis and Bomb Your TV and Nuke Facebook.This guide to writing deadly crime thrillers is edited by Bestselling Crime Writer Sue Coletta and told in Garry Rodgers distinctive, no-BS voice that he used as a cop and coroner—now as an Amazon Top 10 Bestselling Crime Writer as well as a regular contributing blogger for the Huffington Post.Go ahead. Look inside How To Write Deadly Crime Thrillers and see how this No BS Guide with 101 Killer Tips will make you a better crime fiction writer.