Author: Tanya Agarwal

Category: Writing and Reading

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Everyone is a born writer. Still, writing fiction is a daunting task for two reasons. One, because you have to create a whole new world and then convince the readers that it is as real as you have shown them. Second, you have to write a lot. Most of the parts you will not be interested to write because as a writer, they are obvious to you. Writing fiction involves some elements which if combined coherently can result in a beautiful work of art. This book helps to show readers with stories, the art of creating memorable characters, creating fixating descriptions of settings, developing a breath-holding plot, becoming a good critique of others' work, and last and most important, how to revise your work. When you have reached that point, the way you will look at any work of fiction, even ordinary things around you will change. Congratulations, you just learned how to be a fiction writer.