Author: Stuart Mason

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This is the story that EVERY business owner needs to read. This book is abrupt and VERY direct talking. That may not suit everyone. In light of the recent global impact of the Coronavirus the publication has been brought forward. Apologies if this book is "less than polished". When "normality" returns, I'll publish v2.0My business FAILED as I was not prepared for the Financial Crisis of 2008, as a result I paid a VERY heavy price for that. DO NOT make the same mistakes I did. "How To Wreck Your Business" is not a book you will WANT to read, it's a book you will NEED to read. The mistakes I made were ALL avoidable.It looked like the ultimate success story, and in many ways it was. This is what I refer to as the “Illusion of Wealth.” Looks can be very deceiving.This is the story, a true story, a horror story, that saw Scotland’s largest independent chain of print centres collapse on the business’s 20th Birthday.This book shares the amazing highs, the hull-crushing lows, and the sudden, spectacular crash of a business, which at its peak had half a million pounds of cash (GBP£) in the bank and a £1.4m portfolio of properties.It’s a must read for every business owner. Eight errors were all it took to start “The Perfect Storm.”How many of those errors could you be making?