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With so many keto success stories, a ketogenic plan isn’t the fad diet many mainstream weight loss gurus claim it to be. Everyday new people are lowering carbs and eating more healthy fats to reach unbelievable results! Not only are these people seeing amazing weight loss results, but health conditions they struggled with for decades are also improving! I know this story all too well since I was lost in the world of yo-yo diets for more than 20 years. I followed all of the typical, “move more, eat less” advice for decades. I failed miserably with each attempt conventional wisdom has to offer. Losing and regaining the same 20-50 pounds year after year isn’t what I’d call weight loss success. With a diet industry that’s worth more than 80 billion dollars, I know I’m not alone in my failed attempts. I finally figured out how to eat fat and get healthy! However, my path to keto freedom wasn’t quite as simple as eating more fat while lowering carbs. There were steps I had to take in order to finally find lasting success with a ketogenic lifestyle. Many of these steps go beyond what other keto experts teach. If you hear the words “low-carb or keto” and run kicking and screaming in the other direction, I understand your struggle. If you don’t want to follow the low-carb path again because you failed miserably in the past, I was once you. I learned strategies that helped me lose more than 100 pounds and escape the world of dieting forever. Allow me to teach you the strategies I learned to turn keto into an easy lifestyle, and show you how to find success on keto without really trying! About the author: Nissa Graun was featured in the June 2018 edition of People Magazine's 100 Pounds Down issue. Her story has been featured on several news stations throughout the country, as well as on health podcasts to share the life transforming information she came across on a whim. Now she teaches the information she learned to help others overcome their weight loss struggles through books, her website, and her upcoming podcast, Chat the Fat.