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If you're considering starting a bar or nightclub, then this book is for you!

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Opening a bar or nightclub is hard work, not to mention a risky venture. You'll not only be competing with other bars — you are competing with every form of nightlife out there! Movies, arcades, strip clubs, or wherever else people find themselves going on a Friday or Saturday night. Opening your own bar is going to take hard work, diligence, discipline, and attention to detail. It's going to require multi-tasking while having a sharp focus on the vision of what you want to achieve. The process will demand your utmost attention, requiring you to make intelligent decisions left and right along the way.And now that I'm done officially "warning" you, to be perfectly honest, it sounds more difficult than it actually is — as long as you're willing to do your homework. If this is a dream that you truly want to pursue, and one that you think you're capable of excelling at, then you should definitely give it a shot. For the right entrepreneur, opening a bar can be extremely lucrative, and thereby extremely rewarding. The safest, smartest way to get started is to hatch up a business plan on paper, so that you have a realistic idea about the costs — and potential returns — before making a single purchase or quitting your day job. This ebook is designed to help you do exactly that, as your handy little guide. With diligence and careful planning, you could soon be the owner of the hottest bar in town. Let's get started!

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Building Your VisionChoosing a Location and ThemeThe Costs InvolvedKnowing What Your Market CravesPicking the Perfect NameHow to Market and AdvertiseEssentials in OPENING the BarEssentials in OPERATING the BarEssentials in OWNING the BarMuch, much more!

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