Author: P.A. Simon

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Managing your finances can be paralyzing and confusing when you’re faced with an economic crisis, especially as the world is facing a global pandemic. But things get even more complicated with the sophisticated and difficult strategies and information offered by financial experts who seem to provide content that's suitable for corporate organizations and the wealthy in the society. Most of the strategies are difficult to understand and implement by the ordinary people out there.

This book is written to provide answers to most of your financial challenges and help those who find most information about personal finance too difficult to understand. Did you know that financial literacy is just the same as learning a new language or skill? If you don't learn how to drive a car, you may end up crashing the car and endangering your life. Regardless of your gender, race, occupation, age as well as your income level, the best way to effectively manage your finances is to get the right information in a way that is simple to understand and practice.

If you desire to learn how to survive with the little resources you have and gain financial freedom, then this is the right book to read.