How to Make a Monster Disappear by Carly  Mottinger

Author: Carly Mottinger, Yulia Degtyareva

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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Do you have a stack of parenting “how-to” books gathering dust on your shelf? Well, here’s one that you’re guaranteed to use night after night! How to Make a Monster Disappear is a delightful tutorial that can be enjoyed by parents and kids alike. When Lucy dreams about a monster and can’t go back to sleep, her dad comes up with a way to turn him from scary to friendly through a series of whimsical sketches. How do you tame a monster? You start by giving him a silly name (“Cheese Sandwich”), then you boop his nose (he didn’t see that coming!), then you tickle him, compliment him, and finally ask about his favorite game. Not even the most horrid, scaly, drooling, pointy-toothed beast can resist this time-tested methodology. As Lucy practices this new skill step-by-step, she becomes confident that she has what it takes to defeat even the scariest of monsters and happily drifts off to dreamland, secure in her newfound abilities.
Author Carly Mottinger brings lots of humor to this timeless tale that is so relatable to parents and kids. (What mom or dad hasn’t had to find a way to scare off the monster lurking under their kid’s bed or in the closet?) The relationship between Lucy and her dad is sweet and charming, and showcases the best kind of gentle parenting. The two bond over this middle-of-the-night adventure and Lucy gets both the nurturing she needs and a new sense of self-reliance. The colorful illustrations are quirky and fun and will have readers laughing out loud as Dad sketches out Lucy’s terrifying dream monster (who has curly broccoli-like green hair and avoca-toes) and then turns him from scary to sweet (after he’s been tickled and tamed.) How to Make a Monster Disappear is a bedtime story that’s sure to become a family favorite. And guaranteed to solve all your inevitable nighttime monster situations!