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Do you want to change your social life? Work? Friends? Family? Read on and find out how!This book aims to guide you step by step through your metamorphosis within all your social relationships. Work is an essential part of our lives. This guide aims to help you change your mentality with practical and easily achievable advice, succeeding in giving value to yourself in the workplace.All these skills will not only help you in the workplace but also the relationships with friends and family are part of this fantastic chance. Are you a student? You won't find anything more suitable to help you with your studies. Your social skills will influence the management of your education, and applying what you see in this guide will make it much more comfortable. Optimizing personal relationships will create positive dynamics, always! You will also learn:- Conversational Skills- Empathy- Importance of Body Langauge- Setting Goals for your social skills- Making Friends- Leadership - Social anxiety- Importance of silence- Listening is an art - Being Funny- Dealing with the feeling of rejection - Being Fearless- Shyness- Stress Tolerance- Boosting Self EsteemDo you want to start your social transformation? Download now if you want to learn how to use 100% of yourself in all aspects of your life.Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy now button.