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Knock everything that's holding you back from growing your own organic produce on the head right now! Here's the secret to success...

Have you eaten the last tasteless grocery store tomato you can handle? Are you longing to produce fresh, organic food for your family?

For many people, the answer to both questions is a resounding ‘yes’... but for many, there’s something getting in the way…

“I’m too busy.”

“I don’t have the space.”

“I don’t have the skills.”

“I can’t even keep a houseplant alive!”

Any of those thoughts sound familiar?

You’re certainly not alone… These concerns put countless people off gardening every year… But there’s a way to navigate each of them… and the pathway to success is lined with containers.

That’s right: By gardening in containers, you can get around any of the problems you think you have with gardening. It’s a smaller-scale and more controllable form of gardening – and you can even take it with you when you move.

It’s true that it takes a little time and effort to get right, but once you have the basics down, you can care for your garden in little more than 10 minutes a day.

All you need to get started is the right guidance, provided by an experienced gardener who specializes in teaching gardening… and that’s exactly what you’ll find in this book. Inside, you’ll discover:

The most important decision you’ll need to make for your containers – and why you need to make it before you can plant a thingThe surprising places you can keep thriving containers even if you think you have no spaceA fool-proof formula for deciding what to plant for optimum success and enjoymentSeeds, seedlings, and plants – how to avoid overwhelm and make the right decision at the garden centerHow to choose the right containers for your plants (and have fun in the process)Why soil isn’t just soil – and how you can make sure yours provides the perfect growing environment for your plantsEverything you need to know about growing zones… and why it matters (plus important guidance for specific crops)The 4 essentials of container gardening (must-have knowledge for a successful container garden!)How to read your plants so you know exactly what they need and whenExpert advice for dealing with the 3 demons every gardener must contend with (complete with guidance for successful organic pest control)How to get the biggest harvest – and how you’ll know when it’s time to start enjoying your bountyThe secret to making sure nothing goes to waste – a quick but comprehensive guide to home preservingThe one crop you can grow to get your kids enthusiastic about homegrown food in 21 days (with step-by-step guidance)

And much more.

Still don’t think you have enough space or the skills you need to make this work?

Find the joy in discovering how wrong you are… and uncover everything you need to know to start enjoying delicious homegrown produce with every meal.

Turn yourself into a competent gardener with minimal time and effort: Scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now.