Author: Vesela Tabakova

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Best Kept Secrets for Long and Beautiful Hair!The secrets to having long and healthy hair have been known for ages but there are still lots of girls and women that do all the wrong things to their hair and never understand why it damages instead of growing.In this book I have put all the important steps you have to follow in order to grow long hair as well as almost all the herbal remedies, treatments and centuries-old tips that can help you in the process.The food you should eat, the precautions you should take and the different essential oils, vitamins, herbs, fruit and vegetables you can use to nourish your hair are all collected in a very comprehensive way to give you fast results with growing it to its optimal length!The hair masks that I recommend in my book are fantastic alternatives to commercial cosmetic products and have the very important advantage of being at the same time completely natural and with excellent results.Table of Contents:IntroductionHair Growing TipsNutrition for a Healthy Hair GrowthCenturies-old Tips on How to Use the Moon to Grow Your HairGeneral Rules for Applying Homemade Hair MasksBasic Ingredients of Homemade Hair Shampoos, Masks and ConditionersNatural Homemade ShampoosBaking Soda WashEgg Yolk ShampooTea Tree Oil ShampooPomegranate Oil ShampooLemon and Egg ShampooAvocado ShampooMoisturizing Egg ShampooYogurt ShampooHomemade Hair Treatments that Stimulate Hair GrowthOatmeal Hair MaskBurdock Hair MaskBurdock Root RinseVitamin A Hair MaskMustard Hair MaskCastor Oil MaskRosemary RinseAlmond Oil TreatmentNettles Hair RinseLemon Juice and Coriander LeavesOnions for Long HairEgg and Onion MaskGreen Tea and Tea Tree OilPotato and Aloe Vera Hair MaskCinnamon Honey MaskBeer and Egg Hair MaskEgg Yolk and HoneyTreatments to Get Rid of DandruffThyme Dandruff TreatmentThyme Hair RinseStrawberry Dandruff MaskCamphor Oil Mask for DandruffCamphor RinseCoconut Lemon MaskGinger Dandruff TreatmentThe Best Homemade Hair MasksMasks for Dry HairWarm Oil TreatmentNourishing Cocoa MaskCoconut MaskSimple Dry Hair Banana MaskSweet Banana MaskBanana Avocado Hair MaskAvocado Dry Hair MaskDry Hair Egg MaskMasks for Oily HairBasic Mask for Oily HairBaking Soda MaskYogurt Mask for Oily HairHoney and Apple Cider Mask for Oily HairStrawberry Hair Mask for Oily HairAvocado Mask for Oily HairSimple Clay MaskEgg Yolk and Clay Mask for Oily HairNettle RinseWalnut Leaves RinseLavender Water RinseApple Cider Vinegar RinseCoffee or Black Tea Hair RinseMasks for Combination HairMasks for Normal HairMilk and Honey MaskA Nourishing Normal Hair MaskBeer Treatment for Normal HairBeer RinseRegenerating MaskCoconut Oil MaskClay Mask for Normal HairAbout the AuthorBefore You Go