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If your little one loves Pokemon… it’s time to draw ‘em all!Drawing is one of the most beneficial hobbies that a child can have, so it’s important to nurture it by offering your child drawing books on topics they enjoy. Here are some benefits of drawing for children:increased creativityimproved motor skillsimproved problem-solving skillsstronger handsbetter handwritinglower stress levelsThis is why, if your child wants to draw something, support their artistic efforts with carefully designed drawing books!Pokemon have been around since 1996… and they still continue to fascinate young minds all over the world. If your son or daughter is obsessed with Pokemon, you’re definitely not alone!This fun activity book for children is guaranteed to provide hours of quiet Pokemon-related fun: it will teach your little one how to draw 50 of their favorite Pokemon!Here’s what makes this book special:Detailed step-by-step guidesWritten instructions for additional clarityA whopping 50 Pokemon to drawCan be used as a coloring bookSuitable for children of all ages, starting with preschoolAn additional benefit of this coloring book is that it can be used to strengthen your parent-child bond. Just let your child tell you everything about the Pokemons they’re drawing at the moment! Even if you don’t really like the cute monsters, you’ll still enjoy having conversations with your child.Disclaimer: This is not an official Pokemon product. This book is not approved by or affiliated with Nintendo in any way. No copyright infringement intended, Pokemon characters are used for educational purposes only.This Pokemon drawing book is the perfect gift for any child who likes Pokemon.Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and Get Your Copy Now!