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Basketball Coaching: How to Coach the Dribble Drive Motion OffenseBasketball coaching using an aggressive dribble drive motion! You will learn the Dribble Drive Motion Offense based on Vance Walberg’s concepts. Also, this offense is “positionless” like the style of the Golden State Warriors and adaptable to your personnel allowing a coach to decide where and how to attack an opponents. Win games while improving all of your players during competitive practices.We also break down the basic and advanced concepts of this offense including how to teach it, step by step, using game like drills and breakdown teaching concepts. Here is a Preview of What You’ll Learn…•Why you should use this offense with your team•The mindset and philosophy to be successful in this system•How to teach the DDM offense step by step•Quick hitters to counter to what the defense may try to do•Specific plays you choose to adjust this offense to your team•What are the best practice drills to install this offenseIf you want to learn the most aggressive, attacking, dribble penetration offense available, then this book is for you. It will reveal many of the counters and adjustments a coach can make during a game to take control at the right moment. This book will give you an offense that has proven itself time and time again as well as the teaching methods to help your players. Guaranteed.