Author: Nicole Lockhart

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Are bad habits holding you back from reaching your DREAMS and GOALS? Are you ready to replace them with some positive, productive habits that will help you live your BEST life?

We all have a certain amount of energy to expend each day. Will you choose to use it on habits that leave you feeling unhealthy, broke, alone and hopeless? Or will you make an effort to only use your daily energy on habits that promote a healthy body, solid financial future and a life full of meaningful relationships? It can be hard to break your old habits but How to Change your Habits and Transform your Life, will give you all the knowledge you need to get started creating your best future using the power of positive daily habits.

My name is Nicole Lockhart and I have been studying habits, affirmations, change, success and attraction for over 25 years. How to Change your Habits and Transform your Life is a guide to cultivating positive daily habits in your life and changing or replacing old, destructive habits.