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Are you the type of person that is easily manipulated or has no influence on others? Are you interested in learning the art of influencing and manipulating people through body language? Or you want to explore the deep and dark psychological side of humans? If you nodded a yes gesture to these questions, you have got a solution here! Continue to read! If you look around carefully, you will notice the use of Dark Psychology everywhere. It is excessively used in politics, office settings, marketing ventures, and even by people close around you. The situation raises a dire need to learn this art of manipulation and dark Psychology for your wellbeing.So if you are interested in learning this art of psychological manipulation, what do you need to do? Apart from being just another book on your shelf, this is a definitive guide for your everyday life. This book would lead you toward understanding different behavior patterns and body language clues. You would be able to interpret the clues and manipulate the behaviors of others for a good reason.This book will be a step by step guide for you to learn the critical subject of Dark Psychology. This book would offer the right plan of action, and you won’t get stuck along the way. Even if you have failed before, this book is going to be the rescuer for you.You will explore all the relevant knowledge and practical manipulation and brainwashing techniques in this book. The book contains all the knowledge that would enable you to become influential and never get manipulated by others.This book is full of knowledge, including, but not limited to, the following:• Analyzing behaviors through body language• How to become a pro at analyzing human behaviors• Building an understanding of nonverbal behavior• Different types of personalities and their traits• Mastering others’ emotions• The art of persuasion and brainwashing• Develop an understanding of Narcissism and narcissistic people• Understanding of NLP and the dark triadIt’s time to say no to manipulators and bring your influential side back. Explore the secrets of manipulation and Dark Psychology so that no one would manipulate you ever again.                              Scroll up and click “BUY NOW with 1-Click” to get your copy now!