Author: Joshua Johnson

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Are you sick and tired of always being manipulated and controlled in situations? Do you find yourself always being at a disadvantage because people seem to have a stronger personality than yours? Would you like to make use of informative, advanced, and easy-to-read resources that will put an end to this destructive cycle? If you’ve been answering yes to any of these questions, then this is the perfect book for you!

It’s no secret that people around you have been using dark psychology to cause you unwanted negative experiences and influence your decision-making. While it might seem like you’ll never be able to regain your power, you’ll be happy to know that you can use the very same tools to analyze their behavior and then defend yourself against it!This book is not just a generic guide containing information that has been in existence for hundreds of years: It’s a compelling, up-to-date manual containing scientifically proven methods that will equip you with relevant and effective information appropriate for this day and age.Inside How to Analyze People With Dark Psychology, you’ll discover:

28 questions that will empower you to identify the four dark personalities, and how to protect yourself from themHow to read, interpret, and use body language to your advantage in any conversationThe difference between manipulation and persuasion, and what to do if someone is trying to manipulate you6 compelling exercises that will help you uplift your emotional wellbeing through the power of positive psychologyEffective strategies to recognize the warning signs of dark emotional intelligence and how to have an upper hand with people who attempt to use it on you.

Do you have doubts purchasing the book or feel guilty it'll make you look devious?You should know two things:This book is going to protect you against manipulative people and the author, Joshua Johnson’s experience and expertise will introduce you to the powerful art of being in control of your life! He has an exhaustive background in analyzing the art of persuasion and understanding people, and now, you’re about to be just as skillful!Your days of being negatively influenced and exploited are over. From now on, you’ll walk into any room and be able to properly analyze and prepare to protect yourself from people who think they can walk all over you. No more being manipulated, falling for narcissist’s tactics, or allowing yourself to be gaslit!

Are you ready to reclaim your power? Read How to Analyze People with Dark Psychology now!